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vi scrolling on Sparc console

> > One more thing for those of you that run OpenBSD on sparcs, why does the 
> > screen get mangled while scrolling down in "vi"? I noticed this on an LX 
> > first, but after compiling a new kernel it went away. Now I'm installing 
> > OpenBSD on a Sparc5 and got the same effect, so I'll try to make a new kernel 
> > on that one too, so I can use editors without the screenmemory getting all 
> > weird.

FWIW, I noticed this while telnetted in to an OpenBSD sparc from the
console of an IPX running SunOS 4.1.3_U1B.  Oddly, vi caused no problems on
the console of the OpenBSD machine itself, which was running stock 2.2.

Paul Janzen.