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Re: GeeK: OpenBSD code used in Apple's Rhapsody


A long while ago (around a year?) someone from apple.com sent misc@
a request to help them get acquainted with OpenBSD and its
src tree, and explicitly stated that they'd wanted to examine and possibly
incorporate portions of OpenBSD into Rhapsody.

Be Inc., the day after shipping the Intel CDs, apologized and made
the GPL src available VIA their FTP site. In addition, Network
Associates Inc. (nee McAfee) uses GPL code (Linux+gcc) in their WebWall
and WebShield products. To honor the terms of the GPL, NAI mentions
some of the code coming from the GNU project in the documentation, 
and keeps thee appropriate source code on its FTP site.


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On 17 May 1998, Karl Anderson wrote:

:Date: 17 May 1998 22:58:11 -0700
:From: Karl Anderson <kra@pobox.com>
:To: Chris Cappuccio <chris@dqc.org>
:Cc: misc@openbsd.org
:Subject: Re: GeeK: OpenBSD code used in Apple's Rhapsody
:Chris Cappuccio <chris@dqc.org> writes:
:> for an article of FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD being used in apple's
:> new Rhapsody OS.
:Interesting timing, since Be code apparently illegally uses some GPL'd
:code (which should have been LGPL'd anyway, some say).  Discussion in
:gnu.misc.discuss & slashdot.org petered out before anyone stated that
:they were going to do something about it, but it is fuelling some
:fires in the GPL vs BSD vs NPL vs my-own-special-PL debates.
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