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Setting Page Size Re: MD code

Greeitngs all,

I was wondering if the below message is still valid:

> >After the latest (29-04-98) cvs upgrade, my kernel is reporting a
> >warning during boot which I haven't seen before: 
> >
> >vm_mem_init: WARN: MD code did not set page size
> >
> >I've briefly looked at the source but I can't figure out who/what sets
> >#define in /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_param.h. Is it a new kernel config, or
> what? 
> >
> >Is the above warning harmless, or should I do something about it?
> this is a harmless warning. the BSD code has been somewhat inconsistant
> about setting the pagesize and this warning can be used to help clear up
> the mess (we want to switch everything to se the page size before
> vm_mem_init
> is called).
> the UVM code is stuff for the new VM system (which has not been imported
> into the tree yet). you can currently ignore the UVM case.
> chuck

The reason I am asking is I am getting this error and I am crashing.  I
just wanted to know if the source tree has been updated to make this
message valid, and if it is valid, how to go about fixing it.

-Daniel Colpi
 Purdue University