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virtual memory problem

Gretings all,

I have been trying really hard to get Open BSD running on a DEC
5000-240.  I have succeeded in getting it on a DEC 5000-200 as well as
DEC 3100's.

Right now I have a 3100 templet that I am using to put Open BSD on other
computers.  This 3100 is running version 2.1 of Open BSD.

I have gotten the keyboard/mouse patch for the DEC 5000-240 and have
compiled a new kernal for them.  This kernal (due to source updates) is
versioin 2.3.

The problem I am running into is the kernal virtual memory is running
out.  I have gone in and modified the source so that 320 buffers is being
allocated (instead of 844) but that didn't seem to help.

I still get this message:

     vm_fork: no more kernel virtual memory

I am also getting this warning, although I have been told it shouldn't
make a difference:

     vm_mem_init: WARN: MD code did not set page size

I am trying to get Open BSD on a DEC 5000-240 with 64 megs of ram.  If
anyone has any success stories, advice, solutions they would be

Thank you in advance,
Daniel Colpi
Purdue University