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LILO and OpenBSD outside the first 1024 cylinders (IDE)

Hey Folks!

Since I got the ISDN part running here I am trying to put OpenBSD on a
faster EIDE drive in the same machine. (we had that ""discussion""
about the speed of the fs's before :))
(safety first matter as I understood) (good job! but when having to compile
a kernel like X times a day it can be a little harsh sometimes :))

On the same drive also exists Linux and Windows, boot order: lilo then
linux or windows or openbsd on the other EIDE drive.
(yeah yeah...I _need_ M$'s Windows now and then...:\)

I didn't change anything on the disk geomitry this time. Got me in a whole
lot of trouble before :)
(Complete boot blocks on both IDE drives were screwed...even the bios didn't
recognize them anymore.) (Please don't go telling me I need to buy SCSI
or so...;))

Installation went perfectly fine except for the following:

boot: /mnt/boot
proto: /usr/mdec/biosboot
device: /dev/rwd0c
/usr/mdec/biosboot: entry point 0
proto bootblock size 512
room for 16 filesystem blocks at 0x177
installboot: superblock: devread: read: Invalid argument

I _just_ relocated the info on the bootloader needed inside the first
1024 cylinders or something. I _can_ boot the fresh OpenBSD installation
with arguments on the boot prompt from this (older) OpenBSD installation.
(on the second and slower HD)

Is there any way to solve this ? So that I have a second OpenBSD entry for
my new and bigger installation (and the one to become the main OS). Like
being able to boot it straight from out of LILO ?
(I _love_ lilo, can't help it :))

Got some feeling it should be possible...but really have no clue left there.


Bas Oude Nijeweme