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Problems with OpenBSD-2.2/mac68k errata

I recently got an old Mac IICx/8MB + old Conner 200MB disk, so I
tried to install OpenBSD 2.2 on it.

As was to be expected, I ran into the "INSTALLATION PROCESS FLAW" as
documented on the 2.2 errata page.

However, there are two problems with the suggested solutions:

The web-page suggests an alternative solution consisting of mv-ing
the file using the minishell. However, the minishell apparently
doesn't support the "mv" command...

So I downloaded the new bsd-generic.tar.gz image
but the Mac install program was unable to uncompress it.

That new image has been gzip-ped differently it seems, since I was
able to install it after uncompressing it and just gzip-ping it

That's all, 


(waiting impatiently for the end of the base install :-)