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Support and Upgrade Questions

 I was wondering when (if) OpenBSD will support SMP (Multi-Processors)
 I am looking for an OS that is safe (Secure) and robust and functional.  I
 like to play  lots of games over the internet that also means DirectX and
 Active X support, and I would like to use both procs when gaming, something I
 cannot do now with win98, NT4.0 &Service pack 3, or Linux.  With NT 5.0 not
 due till late next year and Intel coming out w/ the NX chipset I would like
 know If this OS will support copious amounts of memory (2 GB main memory) and
 8 procs (if you haven't guessed I am called a "Power Gamer") also I run an UW
 SCSI system w/ the Adaptec 2940 series adapter I noticed it wasn't on your
 list of supported hardware do/will your OS support it (I have NO IDE in my
 Louis Rush