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Re: Support and Upgrade Questions

The the Adaptec 2940 is well-supported in OpenBSD. As of right now,
SMP is in the "wish-list" stage. The T1 to my house should be
installed within the next 10 days. Once I get things fully configured,
my Dual P][ 233Mhz machine will be "on da net" and I'll let folks who
are serious about SMP work on "fast.cpio.net". 

In terms of time to develop SMP, depending on the number of people
doing the work and amount of "real time" they get to develop it
may take a considerable amount of time before it is fully functional
and "out of beta." 

Linux does do SMP in both its Sparc and Intel ports. VA Reseach sells
Linux boxes with 4 and eight processors in them, so I assume it will
do SMP on all those processors.

OpenBSD will run the Linux and FreeBSD copies of Quake and Doom VIA
its binary emulation package. I don't know what other games you're
expecting to play under Unix-- most haven't been ported. "xmame" 
did compile under OpenBSD 2.2, if you're into arcade emulators. 
Other network games that work under Unix include the classics 
"netris" and icq/chess.

If you're plaing games that require ActiveX/DirectX you'll be
forced into running Windows, as I know of NO WAY to do ActiveX or
DirectX on ANY *nix. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Good Luck, and please tell me what you find!


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On Tue, 19 May 1998, Smallfeet wrote:

:Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 18:29:13 EDT
:From: Smallfeet <Smallfeet@aol.com>
:To: misc@openbsd.org
:Subject: Support and Upgrade Questions
: I was wondering when (if) OpenBSD will support SMP (Multi-Processors)
: I am looking for an OS that is safe (Secure) and robust and functional.  I
: like to play  lots of games over the internet that also means DirectX and
: Active X support, and I would like to use both procs when gaming, something I
: cannot do now with win98, NT4.0 &Service pack 3, or Linux.  With NT 5.0 not
: due till late next year and Intel coming out w/ the NX chipset I would like
: know If this OS will support copious amounts of memory (2 GB main memory) and
: 8 procs (if you haven't guessed I am called a "Power Gamer") also I run an UW
: SCSI system w/ the Adaptec 2940 series adapter I noticed it wasn't on your
: list of supported hardware do/will your OS support it (I have NO IDE in my
: 'puter). 
: Louis Rush