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Miscellaneous config questions


I'm looking at using OpenBSD (2.3 by the time I purchase any hardware)
for various network service and firewall applications, and I have a few
questions that I hope can be answered.

1. Are there any known problems with the qlogic qla1040 scsi controller?
   Please suggest alternative controllers if there are (performance- or

2. Are people still having problems with the 3Com 3c905 boards? Is the
   DEC de500 a better choice? Some configurations will use 2 boards.

3. Anybody running a radius server on OpenBSD? Any problems there?

4a. Anybody running a news server? Anything I should be aware of? I'm
    planning to use 2 scsi controllers with 2 disks/controller supporting
    inn-1.7.2 with a full feed minus the binary groups and a rapidly
    growing number of concurrent readers.

4b: How does LFS stack up against SGI's XFS for small-block random i/o?
    How about its performance with large-block sequential i/o? Is there
    a direct i/o interface that can bypass the buffer cache? Can atime
    tracking be disabled at mount-time?

5. Any problems using console switches like the Cybex Commander? I don't
   intend to use X if that helps any.

6. Anybody have experience making bootable CDs? What platform and package
   do you use? Is there documentation on this that somebody can point
   me to? Is OpenBSD pretty good about keeping stuff that needs to be
   writable in one place?

Thanks in advance!

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