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RE: single-user debug mode

On 19-May-98 Brad Larson wrote:
>When openbsd fails in single-user mode, it seems to come up in a
>debugger. Is there somewhere I can find what the commands are? 
>We know so far:
>T=trace exception
>some other commands for listing and breakpoints

This is the command list extracted fro m the source code:

T = dump exception log buffer.
b`reak-'s`et' <addr> = set breakpoint.
b`reak-'d`elete at' <addr> = delete breakpoint.
b`reak-'p`rint' = list breakpoints.
r = print registers.
I <addr> = List instaructions at addr.
c = continue execution.
S = stack backtrace.
s = step over 'jal'. (sets temp bp at current addr+8).
  = single step.
d <addr>[,count].
m <addr>,<value>[,value,...]
i`n'-[bhw] <addr> = read byte,hword, word from address.
o`ut'-[bhw] <addr>,<value> output byte, hword, word to address.
t = dump translation buffer.
f`lush-'t`lb' = flush translation buffer.
f`lush-'c`ache' = flush cache.

Note though that from 2.3 arc kernels uses ddb.