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upgrades and work

I have just upgraded dumpty.wonderland.org (i386) to a new motherboard
and K6 233 processor with 64Mb RAM. While I was there I added my
"spare" Creative DVD-ROM drive and DXR2 card. A Winnov Video card
I had lying around also got dumped in it.

All in all pleny of driverless hardware to play with. Oh yeah and
an old Intel 596 based Ethernet card or two.

Now that I will be moving on from my present employers I should be
able to find the time to do some real work. First on my list is
UDF file system support. I have the docs, but if anyone has any
other "stuff" please let me know.

If anyone from Creative reads this, any chance of getting something
going for the DXR2 ? I think the world would be happy with binary
images for the cadr chipset, but the basic OS to PCI card interface
and chipset API info would be useful.

Anyone know of any inherent limitations in the acd driver that
would limit the drive seeing beyond the 700Mb odd mark ? Like DVD's
get tp 4.7Gb...

Any information (I think Linux must have a 596 driver...) on the other
bits and pieces would be great.

'nuff for now...
Peter Galbavy
@ Home in Wonderland
http://www.wonderland.org/ http://www.whirl-y-gig.org.uk/ http://www.demon.net
     Be remembered not for your final destination, but for your journey.