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Re: www.openbsd.com

On Wed, 20 May 1998, dandugger wrote

> what's up with www.openbsd.com? did openbsd really hack freebsd?
> -dan....

I don't know the answer to your question.  However, I can tell you "what's
up" with www.openbsd.com:

a) It is an ineffectual and half-witted satire.  Observe:
     Portable currently the operating system runs only on Texas
     Instruments TI-82 graphic calculators, but we are working
     on support for a variety of other platforms, including the HP
     48. Please contribute money if you want to see this happen.

I don't see how this effectively satirizes anything, as OpenBSD actually
has support for many architectures.  This is a good thing, and I can't
fathom why it would be the object of criticism through satire.

b) The author is a socially maladaptive boor of questionable cognitive
ability.  Here are some excerpts from the web page:

	"Currently, we aren't doing shit, besides making announcements
	about something yet to be realeased."

One can ridicule this statement on two planes:  The author misspelled
'released'.  Literally, "aren't doing shit" is interpreted as "not doing
shit", and thus it leaves the possibility open for many other activities!
Furthermore, the OpenBSD developers work constantly on the project, and
one can check http://ww.openbsd.org/plus.htm or CVS commit logs for
evidence of this.

	"Effective immediately, we have removed all shells from the operating 
        system. We found them to be an unnecessary security risk. We are
	now undeniable more secure than FreeBSD. Also, we are no longer
	accepting bug reports or comments."

"Removing all shells" is weak satire when juxtaposed with OS security as a
whole.  If the author is attempting to convey the notion that OpenBSD
sacrifices features in the name of security, I'd like to see him
elaborate.  Furthermore, the OpenBSD community is _open_ and responsive to
comments and bug reports.

The author also wrote "now undeniable more secure".  Me think that sound

In short, www.openbsd.com pokes more fun at the author than the OpenBSD
project and soils the name of the FreeBSD effort with his juvenile

Perhaps he should spend some time with _UNIX for Dummies_ and a lexicon in
lieu of attempting satire of an excellent free operating system.

-Blair Sadewitz
Adamantine Ventures, Inc.