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Netatalk update

Just a little update on Netatalk and OpenBSD seeing a few poeple have been
interested in one. Currently I have a port that will be made available
soon, hopefully added to the ports tree.

There are a few issues that people should be aware of, if intending to use

The afpd (apple file sharing daemon) works quite well. If your lucky enough
to have a kerberos UAM for the mac, then you should be able to use kerberos
authentication, if not (like me) you'll be restricted to the 8 character
clear text passing auth system as per the default under Mac OS. I'd
certainly disable the guest access options.

The atalkd (under 1.4b2) has some serious limitations. It doesn't sit well
with Netware Appletalk routers (tested with Netware 3.12, Don't know about
later versions). It looks like it is the way Novell decided to implement
it's router, but netatalk could and probably should(?) be modified to get
around this. With a bit of tedious fiddling, you can get things to work,
but not as well as I'd like. Testing from a mac running Mac OS 8.1 shows
that it will see nbp registered entities on both netware and netatalk, but
netatalk won't see the netware entries and netware won't see the netatalk
entries. Great huh? Solutions- stear clear of netware routers,
(Unfortunatley under netware 3.xx you actually have to set up an appletalk
router, so so you can have mac file sharing) util netatalk becomes more
netware aware. Configuring netware to learn it routing information from the
netatalk router, doesn't work either as it just plainly doesn't see or know
it's there. Netatalk does see the netware router, it complains loudly about

The major problem I see is the way in which Novell decided to implement
their appletalk services. They create an internal appletalk network that
can be seen form the outside, but is unreachable. Why? who knows.

I'm not on the netatalk mail lists, so I don't know if this has been
discussed or is widely known, but seeing I'd like to see it work, I'll
probably follow up on it and try to produce some patches whenever I get

Just about to test it out with a gatorbox and appletalk routing under a
cisco router.

As soon as I clean up the loose ends of the port I'll release it for all.

Catch ya,

Ian McWilliam.
Technical Officer,
School of Computing & IT
Uni of Western Sydney, NEPEAN.
P.O.Box 10 Kingswood, 		mailto:ianm@cit.nepean.uws.edu.au
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