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squake / svgalib

Hello all,

Another gamer with a question  :)

Quake X11 works just fine, but the two-inch window is killin me (speed
drops dramatically when bigger  :(

I set "option INSECURE" in my kernel config, booted single user
(securelevel 0) and this is what I get:

When squake starts, SVGAlib initializes, and then... video corruption...
pretty bad too.

I get bad text-video corruption (lots of colors!  :)  and then it fires up
xdm if it's in my rc.local; if not, it just stays in that state.  No way
out either except reset  :(

Does anybody on this list have it working?  I've tried looking for info,
but can't find any beyond what I've already tried.

Thanks in advance!  :)