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Re: www.openbsd.com

On Wed, 20 May 1998, dandugger wrote:

> what's up with www.openbsd.com? did openbsd really hack freebsd?

If so, it's pretty brazen of www.openbsd.com to be running
FreeBSD!  It would seem to be begging to get hack'd
themselves...  :-)

[Or, at least, that is, `telnet openbsd.com' claims they are
running FreeBSD, but given the nature of openbsd.com that could
be faked...]

I really have no idea what the fellow doing this has against
OpenBSD.  Quickly checking some OpenBSD mail archives, his name
didn't show up...  [basing "his name" on ``whois openbsd.com''].

[To answer the question, NO.  OpenBSD did not hack FreeBSD. 
OpenBSD is an operating system.  Quite experienced individuals
did break into the main FreeBSD.ORG computers previously, but, to
the best of my knowledge, they were never caught.  Obviously, if
these individuals were related to OpenBSD it would be quite
damaging (to all Free BSDs), and anyone suggesting such better
have damn good evidence beyond the state of the FreeBSD-OpenBSD
relationship at the time of the break-in.]

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