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Re: Priorities on the ppp connectin?


On Thu, 21 May 1998, Austin Hook wrote:

> [... priority queueing based on the low-delay TOS bit ...]

>   So, however, for me to get that kind of response from netscape, telnet,
> rlogin, ssh, scp, or ftp those programs would have to have options to set
> the priority, right?  I don't see such options offhand. So is your answer
> mainly relative to rolling your own net application?

telnet: src/usr.bin/telnet/commands.c rev 1.13, about line 2533.
rlogin: src/usr.bin/rlogin/rlogin.c rev 1.19, about line 355.
ssh-1.2.22: ssh-1.2.22/packet.c line 777ff.
  (use low delay for interactive connections [i.e. logins], but not
  for batch [scp, ssh with command])
ftp: src/usr.bin/ftp/ftp.c rev 1.25, about line 153 (control), 1154 (data
  passive mode), 1214 (data active mode), 1247 (???)
  (summary: low delay for control, not for data)
All the above set the options by default.

netscape: Do you have the source?! :-)

Regards, Felix.