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Enough of openbsd.com (was: [woah (fwd)])

Parody is parody, but false claims are another matter. Breaking and
entering into a computer is a federal offense. I know that no one on
the OpenBSD development team is immature enough to break into another
project's server, whatever the reasoning. Whether or not someone turned 
off your dorm connection is not OpenBSD's business, but your business and 
Rose Hulman's business. As far as I'm concerned the OpenBSD and FreeBSD
project are on, and should remain on, friendly terms. 

I use OpenBSD as a tool in my job as a network and security consultant.
I just landed a great contract where I'll implement an OpenBSD machine as
a firewall and router. If I tell my boss to "go check out the OpenBSD 
web site" and he mistakenly fires up "www.openbsd.com" and sees some of
your claims, what will he think of 1) my choice in operating systems
2) me, as a consultant who supports an OS who according to you has 
a development team that breaks into another project's server?!?!

Even with your smart-ass disclaimer, your web site tarnishes the image
of the OpenBSD project. In establishing this parody, you have diminished
your own credibility, and made others question the credibility of the
FreeBSD project-- why else would Jordan Hubbard stoop to get involved 
with this whole mess? I'm glad Theo hasn't said anything. Why would
someone in the Rose Hulman CS department yank your connection if you
weren't embarassing them? As a student who is proud to be going to a school 
as well-known as Rose, why would you risk damaging your school's reputation 
by hosting such an immature display from their network?

Behavior breeds itself. By establishing an immature site, you have
irked quite a few individuals, including the entire user-base of an
operating system. This, in-turn, has caused the immature behavior of
someone at Rose, leading them to shut off your dorm connection. Then,
in your stubborness to prove your point (whatever that point is, no one is
quite sure) you expanded the parody even further beyond the bounds of 
good taste to include lies and false allogations. This is begining to 
snowball and spiral, and if you don't shut down your site, I'm sure this
matter will spiral out of control. This letter should not be considered an
evolutionary step in this spiral, but it probably will be.

I could go on further, and dismantle all your points in your letter, 
but why beat a dead horse when I can sip on my Dr. Pepper, look out over
this gorgeous valley, and not worry about the security on my own site
or where I work? :^)

I'm asking you, as an old bud from Indy, as an OpenBSD user and supporter,
and as a fellow human being, to take down the site and relinquish control
of the openbsd.com domain to the OpenBSD project. I'll pay the $70 NIC
fees personally.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 17:25:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Jay Richmond <jayrich@room101.sysc.com>
To: jkatz@cpio.org
Subject: woah

Damn dude, why do you guys take this so personally... come on, is any harm
really being done... especially with an elaborate pre-site warning like

this is more of a joke than anything, but there is some basis: openbsd
developers DID hack freebsd private systems: this is not in dispute unless
you are a liar; and i'm sick of openbsd bragging about security.

this is a post that i pickedup on in a openbsd-misc archive, posted the
same day that the port that my server USED to be aconnected to (and
according to waters computing center records STILL is) was turned off. (it
now belongs to a friend).

this isn't funny, especially when a lot of people at this school rely on
the local network for homework and course/group communications. this is
causing harm, my site is not.

when i contacted the person ( i don't know why i bothered), he denied
personally having the ability to do something like this, but left open the
possibility someone else might have "accidently" done it.

let it be.

A hit man with connections at the computing center. 'Oops! Was that your
dorm port that I accidentally turned off? Are you sure that it's not just
a bug in your network setup?'



Matthew K Cole
Rose-Hulman Institute
Terre Haute, IN  47803