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Re: Enough of openbsd.com (was: [woah (fwd)])

> Parody is parody, but false claims are another matter. Breaking and
> entering into a computer is a federal offense. I know that no one on
> the OpenBSD development team is immature enough to break into another
> project's server, whatever the reasoning. Whether or not someone turned 

I only wish that reality matched what you clearly wish to be true, but
that's all water under the bridge now and the subject of many
megabytes of flames which are available from any search engine, so
I've neither the interest or inclination to dredge all that back up
again.  If you're interested in a truly objective truth here, go web
searching and draw your own conclusions from the data you find there.
Needless to say, relations between the two projects have definitely
had their ups and downs and if anything positive has come out it all,
it's been the closer relationship we now enjoy with the San Francisco
field office of the FBI.  Oh well.

What's important now, however, is that people stop pestering the
FreeBSD folks (like me!) about this page since we have:

      A) Nothing whatsoever to do with it and even dropped our mirror
         from this site so that there could be no misunderstanding about

      B) Already contacted the author of this web site and expressed
         our desire that it be taken down.  The fact that relations
	 between the OpenBSD and FreeBSD projects have actually been
	 anything BUT cordial in the past still does not detract from
	 our desire to do better in the future.  That doesn't mean that
	 we deny or wave away past events, but attempt to proceed on
	 a more positive note in spite of them.

> with this whole mess? I'm glad Theo hasn't said anything. Why would

Actually, I believe he has already expressed an opinion, that being
that if the web site maintainers wanted to waste their money on
registering bogus domains then that was their problem.  This was
relayed to me second-hand so it's really NOT his opinion then I do
apologise for the misrepresentation, but it sounded pretty enlightened
of him to me if that was indeed his opinion on this.  After all, what
can ya do?  I'm sure the OpenBSD maintainers have bigger things to
worry about than someone's parody site and the same is certainly true
for us.

> good taste to include lies and false allogations. This is begining to 
> snowball and spiral, and if you don't shut down your site, I'm sure this
> matter will spiral out of control. This letter should not be considered an
> evolutionary step in this spiral, but it probably will be.

Hmmm.  To be honest, the above saber-rattling sounds like nothing more
than a return to the "bad old days" to me and I strongly caution you
against making any direct threats (or anyone reading this to take
direct action) like this.  Whether someone says something to piss you
off is one thing, but when you cross the line into vigilantism in
order to "express" your own opinions in return then you're just
heading down the same slippery slope we've seen before.

Please, do the only sane thing: IGNORE the site.  If you attempt to
take the law into your own hands, you're only going to make things
much much worse.  Even if you only write long impassioned diatribes
against it, you're still giving it free publicity and fanning the
flames.  I wish the site would be taken down too, but I can hardly
force the issue and I wouldn't want to be part of a community which
felt that forcing it was even an acceptable option.

- Jordan