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Re: Stripping ANSI out of Man pages?


On Mon, 25 May 1998, Nick Ellson wrote:

> [...]

> I would like to print off the man pages for a few commands to study, but 
> the only way I can do so is to ftp the man page to my Win95 station to 
> print right now. But I really need to strip out those ANSI color sequences 
> so I can read it.

> What can I do?

Either do this: man 1 ls | ul -t dumb >ls.formatted. This is then ASCII
except for \255 (the hyphen used for hyphenization of words). If you
want to get rid of that, too, do:
  man 1 ls | ul -t dumb | tr '\255' - >ls.formatted

Or print the manual pages nicely:
  groff -man /usr/src/bin/ls.1 >ls.ps
and use a postscript printer to print it out.

Regards, Felix.