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How do you do? My name is Akiyoshi, living in Yokohama, Japan.
I am now trying to install and use OpenBSD 2.2 on my Mac Iivi.
It has 20 Mega memories and 200Mega HDD.

One question I have.
How can I write and read Japanese language without X window systems?? 
My main use of BSD is to use Mule (Emacs ver.20) and write/read Japanese on it
I don't want to use X window system if possible, because X needs many memories
and Harddisks. And, if I want to GUI, I use MacOS :-)

I hear that Linux or Free BSD user can rebuid console for Japanese language, o
use some softwares which displays Japanese Kanji and Kana on a console, withou
t X.
Is there such tools for OpenBSD or can I rebuild console?
Any informations would be welcomed.  Please help me.

Akiyoshi Oogushi (QYV02074@niftyserve.or.jp)