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Qs & Ps

Hi folks,

I am playing with OpenBSD2.3/i386. I have used only OS/2 for 5 years so
my Qs may be too easy for you.

1) on startup (/etc/rc row 386): you call kbd `cat /etc/kbdtype`, so I
create this kbdtype file with this text: de
On boot I can see 'kbd: CONSOLE_SET_KEYMAP: Inappropriate ioctl for
device', why?

2) (terminal) some programmes use 'F9-' keys (PC101) for menu
navigation, so I wouldn't use these keys for console switching.
How/Where can I disable their default function and use F1-F12 row as
F1-F12 keys.

3) BSDI21 Netscape News doesn't work (see "Join discussion groups..."
and try to join). I have seen a message with "bad system call" (or
something like that) text sometimes. I think something may be wrong in
BSDI emul-subkernel. Is it known problem?


4) (ports) I have to install Xfree86 3.3.2, but I cannot build fvwm, xpm
etc., because they are "in 2.3". I understand you integrate them, but I
do not like this way :). Why do you remove them from ports? Couldn't you
change your point of view?