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Re: Qs & Ps

 > 4) (ports) I have to install Xfree86 3.3.2, but I cannot build fvwm, xpm
 > etc., because they are "in 2.3". I understand you integrate them, but I
 > do not like this way :). Why do you remove them from ports? Couldn't you
 > change your point of view?

The sources are in the X11 tree which comes on the CDROM.   If you
want to grab a second copy of the sources and compile them again
(which should result in IDENTICAL binaries) do this (using xpm as
an example:

   $ cd /usr/ports/graphics/xpm
   $ make NO_IGNORE=YES

But why?  If you want to build from sources build from the supplied
X11 sources and the files you mention will be compiled along with
everything else.

// marc