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Re: PPPD as Server

>I have read over the man pages to PPPD but I am still a bit fuzzy on how I
>would set it up as a single line server over a modem. I didn't see
>anything in the FAQ, are there places I can go to find examples maybe?

When in doubt I always look at the FreeBSD  or NetBSD web pages for examples.
They are not always directly applicable, but can give you a good starting
point.  Specifically, start with


which will give you an idea what needs to be done to set up a dialin
modem connection.  I HAVE NEVER DONE IT MYSELF, but it would seem that
all you need is to set up a ppp user account which will run a connection
script in place of a shell once the dialin modem is setup.  Hope that

Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu