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Re: PPPD as Server

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Nick Ellson wrote:

>I have read over the man pages to PPPD but I am still a bit fuzzy on how I 
>would set it up as a single line server over a modem. I didn't see 
>anything in the FAQ, are there places I can go to find examples maybe?

It's not too involved. First, make sure your modem works correctly for
normal dial-in. Then set up a ppp user. For one user, I'd use the
passwd file. For example:

Puser:*:2001:2001:Sample Dialup PPP,,,:/usr/tmp:/usr/local/sbin/ppp-login

Then, create a ppp-login script that looks like this:

/usr/bin/mesg n
stty -tostop
exec /usr/sbin/pppd nodefaultroute <your.ip.address>:<his.ip.address>

Then create an /etc/ppp/options file that looks like:

asyncmap 0

Give your new ppp user a password and have him try a login.

Two notes. This approach does _not_ scale well. It's for the single
user problem. It will also not interfere with originating ppp
connections. Also, you will probably have the best luck using a
standard getty and turning off echoing and reporting. I always set my
modems up for hardware flow control, no echoing, DSR follows carrier
and reset on carrier drop. If I need echoing (for example uucp) I'll
turn it on in the chat script.

I've used this approach for single 'service' type ppp connections and
it works reasonably well. There are much better ways of setting up
general ppp service if you have multiple lines and a number of users.
Try this first and I think it will make the man page more

Good luck.

-- Jay

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