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Dial-in real close now

I think I am REAL close now to getting dial-in services working for 
terminals. My modem (an internal Practical Peripherals 28800) is now set 
up to at least answer the phone as tty01. Now when I DO get connected I 
get garbage, so maybe something else is just set wrong.

My modem string looks right
&C1 - Pay attention to Carrier Detect
&D3 - Monitor DTR, and do a Hang-Up and RESET when it's toggled.
&K3 - Use Hardware RTS/CTS flow control
E0 - Turn Echo Off
Q0 - Turn Off Result Codes

This was from the requirements list on the FreeBSD handbook, I just looked 
up the proper at commands in my modem book. (theirs were for a USR 14.4)

- my /etc/ttys reads:

tty01 "/usr/libexec/getty std.57600" dialup on

- And my /etc/gettytab has this section for std.57600


(I think this might not be right)

These are all the files I am currently messing with to try to get "Login: 
" to appear when calling in from Procomm on my desk top. Have I missed 


Nick Ellson
Customer Support
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