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Re: Dial-in real close now

I think I am OK there, Kermit let's me set a line speed of 57600 and even 
higher when I dial out.

I think I have to issues now.. If I back the /etc/ttys down to 9600, I get 
a real login but ig wierd ALT looking characters. So maybe I am fighting 
two problems. Mismatched speeds AND getting 8 bit clean transmittions??

Any recommendations?

>  > std.57600|57600-baud:\
>  >       :sp#57600:
>  > 
>  > (I think this might not be right)
> Stupid question -- does your 14.4 modem support a DTE bit rate of
> 57600 bit/s?  many of them maxed out at 38.4.
> // marc

Nick Ellson
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