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Re: Dial-in real close now

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Nick Ellson wrote:

>I think I am REAL close now to getting dial-in services working for 
>terminals. My modem (an internal Practical Peripherals 28800) is now set 
>up to at least answer the phone as tty01. Now when I DO get connected I 
>get garbage, so maybe something else is just set wrong.

Garbage is a symptom of a speed mismatch between your com port and
modem. If, for example, you used cu to configure your modem and the
uucp configuration was left at the default 9600, you locked the port
at the speed of the first AT command. Getty doesn't know you locked
the modem at 9600, so you get garbage. Power your modem off and on for
a short term fix -- make sure everything talks to the modem at 57600
for the correct fix.

>My modem string looks right
>&C1 - Pay attention to Carrier Detect
>&D3 - Monitor DTR, and do a Hang-Up and RESET when it's toggled.
>&K3 - Use Hardware RTS/CTS flow control
>E0 - Turn Echo Off
>Q0 - Turn Off Result Codes
>This was from the requirements list on the FreeBSD handbook, I just looked 
>up the proper at commands in my modem book. (theirs were for a USR 14.4)

I beg to pick a nit. &S1 should be set if that means DSR active on
answer and inactive on carrier loss. It seems to be so on most modems,
but check your docs. Save it, and &Y0 to profile 0. &D3 reloads
default profile. (Unless you really like noise, M0 might be a good
register to set.;)

>- my /etc/ttys reads:
>tty01 "/usr/libexec/getty std.57600" dialup on

I'd prefer: tty01 "/usr/libexec/getty std.57600" unknown on insecure

But otherwise, ok.

>- And my /etc/gettytab has this section for std.57600
>      :sp#57600:

Also ok.

>(I think this might not be right)

It is.

>These are all the files I am currently messing with to try to get "Login: 
>" to appear when calling in from Procomm on my desk top. Have I missed 

Nothing more than what's mentioned above.

-- Jay