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Got it! (was Dial-in)

Found the first bug.

I had to add :np: (No Parity) in the std-57600 entry in my /etc/gettytab 
file. Now I connect and I can see my text great :)

Though I do have an interesting querk. When my system first boots, I can't 
connect al att.. I run kermit, connect to the modem through /dev/cua01 and 
type at <return> then exit kermit and I am set. Is there an automated way 
to say "hi" to my modem like this? ;)


> On Fri, 29 May 1998, Nick Ellson wrote:
> >I think I am REAL close now to getting dial-in services working for
> >terminals. My modem (an internal Practical Peripherals 28800) is now set
> >up to at least answer the phone as tty01. Now when I DO get connected I
> >get garbage, so maybe something else is just set wrong.
> Garbage is a symptom of a speed mismatch between your com port and
> modem. If, for example, you used cu to configure your modem and the
> uucp configuration was left at the default 9600, you locked the port
> at the speed of the first AT command. Getty doesn't know you locked
> the modem at 9600, so you get garbage. Power your modem off and on for a
> short term fix -- make sure everything talks to the modem at 57600 for the
> correct fix.
> >My modem string looks right
> >&C1 - Pay attention to Carrier Detect
> >&D3 - Monitor DTR, and do a Hang-Up and RESET when it's toggled.
> >&K3 - Use Hardware RTS/CTS flow control
> >E0 - Turn Echo Off
> >Q0 - Turn Off Result Codes
> >
> >This was from the requirements list on the FreeBSD handbook, I just
> >looked up the proper at commands in my modem book. (theirs were for a USR
> >14.4)
> I beg to pick a nit. &S1 should be set if that means DSR active on
> answer and inactive on carrier loss. It seems to be so on most modems, but
> check your docs. Save it, and &Y0 to profile 0. &D3 reloads default
> profile. (Unless you really like noise, M0 might be a good register to
> set.;)
> >- my /etc/ttys reads:
> >
> >tty01 "/usr/libexec/getty std.57600" dialup on
> I'd prefer: tty01 "/usr/libexec/getty std.57600" unknown on insecure
> But otherwise, ok.
> >- And my /etc/gettytab has this section for std.57600
> >
> >std.57600|57600-baud:\
> >      :sp#57600:
> Also ok.
> >(I think this might not be right)
> It is.
> >These are all the files I am currently messing with to try to get "Login:
> > " to appear when calling in from Procomm on my desk top. Have I missed
> >something?
> Nothing more than what's mentioned above.
> -- Jay

Nick Ellson
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