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Re: Dial-in real close now

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Nick Ellson wrote:

>I think I am OK there, Kermit let's me set a line speed of 57600 and even 
>higher when I dial out.

It's not line speeds that are biting you -- it's port speeds. The
speeds at which the uarts are actually using. Marc raises a valid
point -- one I feel a little stupid for overlooking. Joe user won't
see much difference between 38400 and 57600. Whether you have to or
not, setting everything (kermit, too) back to 38400 can save you some

-- Jay

>I think I have to issues now.. If I back the /etc/ttys down to 9600, I get 
>a real login but ig wierd ALT looking characters. So maybe I am fighting 
>two problems. Mismatched speeds AND getting 8 bit clean transmittions??
>Any recommendations?
>>  > std.57600|57600-baud:\
>>  >       :sp#57600:
>>  > 
>>  > (I think this might not be right)
>> Stupid question -- does your 14.4 modem support a DTE bit rate of
>> 57600 bit/s?  many of them maxed out at 38.4.
>> // marc
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