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Re: Dial-in real close now

  Getty doesn't know you locked
  the modem at 9600, so you get garbage. Power your modem off and on for
  a short term fix -- make sure everything talks to the modem at 57600
  for the correct fix.

But how can you make sure the modem will talk at 57.6 if you have never
talked to it since it was powered up?  It seems to me something needs to
send the modem an "at" command at the right speed at boot time.  I use
modems that can lock their interface speed (with an S-reg), but how would
you do this with something like a PP modem that can't?

  I beg to pick a nit. &S1 should be set if that means DSR active on
  answer and inactive on carrier loss.

I would pick that nit the other way.  DSR should always be high, and DCD
should follow carrier, just as the name suggests.  That's how I set my
modems, and they work.  ttyopen hangs on DCD, not DSR.  This has the added
advantage of conforming to the rs232 spec.