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Re: Dial-in real close now

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Jim Rees wrote:

>But how can you make sure the modem will talk at 57.6 if you have never
>talked to it since it was powered up?  It seems to me something needs to
>send the modem an "at" command at the right speed at boot time.  I use
>modems that can lock their interface speed (with an S-reg), but how would
>you do this with something like a PP modem that can't?

True. You can set the S register. If not, and there is no alternative,
you could use chat, I guess. I've only had a couple of experiences
with PP modems (neither were good) so I don't know.

>From what I've seen, the speed mismatch is tweaked when you dial _out_
from the host. Otherwise, things works fine.

>  I beg to pick a nit. &S1 should be set if that means DSR active on
>  answer and inactive on carrier loss.
>I would pick that nit the other way.  DSR should always be high, and DCD
>should follow carrier, just as the name suggests.  That's how I set my
>modems, and they work.  ttyopen hangs on DCD, not DSR.  This has the added
>advantage of conforming to the rs232 spec.

Hmm.. That's a good point. I'll rethink that one. Thanks. 

-- Jay