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Making Dial-In FAQ

I would be most happy to write up the solutions I get from here.  I have 
saved every e-mail I get for just that purpose :) 

That is kinda why I ask so many questions, to be sure I understand what it 
is I have done so far to make things work. :)

So far I have managed to get to work:

- Modem access (at any speed) outbound using Kermit and /dev/cua01
- Inbound terminal access at 9600 only using /dev/tty01 and getty.
- Win95 Dial-Up adaptor PPP access only as far as passing PAP-

I would consider my work finished and ready to document if I can get dial-
in tty access to work at any desired speed (but mainly so 28.8 users can 
make use of their modems) and to see OpenBSD actually act as a PPP server 
so a Win95/Mac client can just use the Dial-Up adaptor to link in (also at 
any speed).

I will be at it all weekend, maybe by Monday I will have enough data to 
make a great newbie FAQ that will let most any user set this stuff up, or 
at least get a better grip through lot's of examples :)

I would be happy to take this offline so the rest of you don't have to 
watch my learning process if one or two that have done this before can e-
mail me directly for a bit? 

And to the rest of you that have helped me this far, thank you so very 
much. I really appreciate it.


> > I had to add :np: (No Parity) in the std-57600 entry in my /etc/gettytab
> > file. Now I connect and I can see my text great :)
> > 
> once you get this working, all and such, could you please post a summary
> post too to this mailinglist? And have it submitted as some doc, so futur
> users can benifit
> thank you
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