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Re: New approach

It's a thought for what might be wrong with the ability to ping my server, 
but I am wondering more about the over all effects of the proxy ARP 
failure to find an ethernet address. I am not real clear how a dial-in 
network connection goes about routing packets at the data/link layer since 
they don't have a firm NIC address. <shrug>  I am thinking that I need 
more configuration data in my /etc/ppp/options.tty01 file to help out the 
proxyarp option.

I am going to spend some time this morning reading the man pages for PPPD, 
again.. To see if something comes to mind. When I figure it out, we'll all 
know ;)


> >But it can't talk on the network. I can't even ping
> > which is my server it connected to. :I
> Not that I know what I am talking about, but maybe you need a
> defaultroute or something like that in your ppp/options file.  Maybe you
> can write down the steps you took after you get this to work and it could
> be added to some sort of OpenBSD FAQ.  It could save the next person (me)
> the same headache.
> Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu

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