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Re: PPP error output

>Hello all,
>In the interest of clarity, I took some time to get a mail program install
>on my OpenBSD machne so I can send parts of logs/conf files in my mail as
>the appear for trouble shooting.
>I read in the ROUTING section of the PPPD man page that the proxyarp
>option causes pppd to look for a network interface on it's own subnet that
>support broadcast and ARP. It would seem that it must be possible for a
>dial-in connection to support this, but here's what shows up in the
>/var/log/daemon file when I connect from Win 95.
>May 29 19:55:56 newmail pppd[21810]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/tty01
>May 29 19:56:35 newmail pppd[21810]: user nicke logged in
>May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy
>May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: local  IP address
>May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: remote IP address
>May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: CCP terminated by peer
>May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: Compression disabled by peer.
>May 29 20:02:45 newmail pppd[21810]: LCP terminated by peer
>May 29 20:02:48 newmail pppd[21810]: Connection terminated.
>May 29 20:02:49 newmail pppd[21810]: Exit.
>Any ideas?

Micro$oft is VERY infamous for not adhering to standards.  I know that
M$ ppp is not the same as that for everybody else (the client expects to
get nameserver information from the ppp server).  I would first try to
connect from another OS  to see if it works before I decided it didn't.
I know there is a lot of information about work arounds that will get
past M$ "features" and allow 95 machines to interact with non 95
machines.  I don't know if this has anything to do with your problem,
but it is worth looking into.  If it is, look through the FreeBSD site
for more information for a possible work around. 

Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu