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Re: PPP error output

> >May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: local  IP address
> >May 29 19:56:36 newmail pppd[21810]: remote IP address
I need my head examined. :\

You might noticed that I mistyped my REMOTE IP number making it 
unresolvable with a netmask of <sigh> It was pretty late 
Friday night... once I changed it back to 192... proxyarp was happy and I 
have an entry in my ARP table now :)

Now, this has gotten me only 1 step closer.

I can now PING and FTP to my Win95 station from the BSD server. But that's 
it. I can't see it from any other workstation, nor can the Win 95 box see 

I think the issue Win95 not getting out could be the fact that the PPPD 
daemon isn't giving out all the info that the DUN adaptor wants. IE: 
Default Gateway, DNS SERVER.

but I am a little lost as to why the rest of my machines can't see my win 
95 box if the BSD machine can? I would have thought that the proxyarp 
would do it's job an advertize that is attached to the same 
MAC address as is, and they can see that just fine. <shrug>

I need some help from someone who knows more about Unix IP routing I think.

I will subscribe myself to the freebsd list as well and try to get this 
resolved quickly so I can write it up.

I read their docs on working with Win95, it was an example of how they do 
a kernel level ppp set-up and was very scant on detail but it did mention 
something about variables for GATEWAY and ARP_PROXYALL. Do this translate 
to an OpenBSD use?



> Micro$oft is VERY infamous for not adhering to standards.  I know that M$
> ppp is not the same as that for everybody else (the client expects to get
> nameserver information from the ppp server).  I would first try to connect
> from another OS  to see if it works before I decided it didn't. I know
> there is a lot of information about work arounds that will get past M$
> "features" and allow 95 machines to interact with non 95 machines.  I
> don't know if this has anything to do with your problem, but it is worth
> looking into.  If it is, look through the FreeBSD site for more
> information for a possible work around. 
> Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu

Nick Ellson
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