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Re: PPP error output

Nick wrote:

>I can now PING and FTP to my Win95 station from the BSD server. But that's 
>it. I can't see it from any other workstation, nor can the Win 95 box see 
>I think the issue Win95 not getting out could be the fact that the PPPD 
>daemon isn't giving out all the info that the DUN adaptor wants. IE: 
>Default Gateway, DNS SERVER.
>but I am a little lost as to why the rest of my machines can't see my win 
>95 box if the BSD machine can? I would have thought that the proxyarp 
>would do it's job an advertize that is attached to the same 
>MAC address as is, and they can see that just fine. <shrug>

Nick, it sounds like your machine is not forwarding packets between its
defined network interfaces. 
I am not a genius either, but I MAY have a hunch. I would prefer somebody
with more knowledge to back me up on this one, but think it may relate to
whether you have built a kernel with IPFORWARDING enabled. The stock
OpenBSD kernel has IPFORWARDING set to 0. This means that unless you have
multiple interfaces enabled, the kernel will not forward packets from one
network interface to the other.
What I'm not sure about is if any *BSD considers a PPP network interface to
be active on boot, and considers it to be an interface that it could
forward packets to or from as long as you had a NIC in the machine.
I know that you can expressly forbid IPFORWARDING by setting its value to
-1, and you can force it to always forward between interfaces by setting it
to 1.

I just don't know if it'll work by setting IPFORWARDING to 1, or if it'll
just create more problems for you.

Hopefully somebody with more knowledge can set us both straight.

Steven Campbell