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Re: PPP error output

Hello Peter,

> Don't forget the sysctl:
>  net.inet.ip.forwarding
> Set this in /etc/sysctl.conf an maybe all should be well.
Ahhhhh!! Now the concept of IP packet forwarding betwen to interfaces 
never occured to me. That explains why the other workstations on the same 
network as my BSD dial in machine can't see the dialed in user (if infact 
OpenBSD/PPPD treats the dialin as a new interface). Great, that's two more 
man pages I will add to my research and looks like I am in for a Kernel 
recompile <shiver> I have done this a few times on Red Hat Linux, this 
will be a first for BSD ;) But I am sure the docs are great on this. 

Now, since I am going to have to recompile anyway, would now be a good 
time to upgrade to OpenBSD2.3? I have the 30 something meg tarball now. I 
figured it might make since to stay current. <shrug>

Anyway, the only thing left in my mind now is why didn't the win 95 box at 
least see the machine it dialed into? I wonder if the PPPD PAP-
Authentication process isn't given my Dial Up Adaptor all the information 
it needs or something. If anyone has a better grasp of what the 95 client 
should have for set up, I am open to suggestion. Should my gateway on the 
95 box be the IP of my BSD server?

Nick Ellson
Customer Support
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