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It works :)

Thanks Tood, and thanks everyone. My PPP dial in project is now a total 
success at 9600 baud. My Win95 workstation is now dialed in and running as 
if I have my 100Base-TX line still hooked up. My network doesn't know the 
difference (as far as IP, I am not interested YET on getting IPX going ;)

I will write up what I have in a "How to Set-Up a PPP Dial-In account for 
Win95" later tonight. 

My one last task is to get my speed up to 57600. Since I am just starting 
the PPPD service with 

# pppd /dev/tty01

with a config file like


9600  <- I have to because that seems to be the default for the serial     
remotename dialin

Any ideas on how to start up my com port at 57600 (I know it works at that 
speed because Kermit handles it great for dialing out)


> In message <199805311724.KAA11861@InterJet.imagenation.com>
>  so spake "Nick Ellson" (nicke):
> > Really? :) Will this also take care of the kernel option GATEWAY that I
> > was told about?
> > 
> > If I can do this without a recompile, that would be GREAT. :)
> As far as I can tell, the only thing "option GATEWAY" does is
> increase the size of the arp table.  That's for 2.3; I don't
> have a 2.2 tree online.  "option GATEWAY" used to increase the
> value of NMBCLUSTERS as well but that is no longer the case.
>  - todd

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