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Re: Kernel Source


On Sun, 31 May 1998, Todd C. Miller wrote:

> [...]

> As far as I can tell, the only thing "option GATEWAY" does is
> increase the size of the arp table.  That's for 2.3; I don't

Huh? I thought the ARP table is integrated with the routing
table in all 4.4BSD-derived systems, and the routing table
entries are dynamically allocated with malloc().

Regards, Felix.

PS: A short browse through the source yields very few positions
depending on the GATEWAY option (thanks to id-utils):
  The default value for NMBCLUSTERS depends on the GATEWAY option.
  If NMBCLUSTERS is defined before, that doesn't matter.
  #ifdef GATEWAY, more arp hash buckets, as well as more entries
  per bucket are allocated.
  That looks very ugly -- why does netatalk not do arp the same way
  as IP does it? (I.e. through the routing table)
  #ifdef GATEWAY and #ifndef IPFORWARDING, default ip-forwarding
  to one (allowed) for GATEWAY, and to zero (not allowed) for