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Re: PPP error output

Nick, I really wouldn't go to the trouble of compiling a new kernel if all
you need to do is enable IPFORWARDING. I would invest some time into
getting your PPP interfaces working, and then take on the new task of
learning to build custom kernels. 

I must say now that Peter informed me (and the rest of the list) about
sysctl, I will _very_ rarely need to build a new kernel. In fact, now that
I can modify some of the kernel's data structures without building a new
one, i'll likely only do it if I want/need to build a smaller kernel,
without all of the excess services, drivers and protocols that I don't use. 

At 10:30 AM 5/31/98 -0700, Nick wrote:
>Hello Peter,
>Ahhhhh!! Now the concept of IP packet forwarding betwen to interfaces 
>never occured to me. That explains why the other workstations on the same 
>network as my BSD dial in machine can't see the dialed in user (if infact 
>OpenBSD/PPPD treats the dialin as a new interface). Great, that's two more 
>man pages I will add to my research and looks like I am in for a Kernel 
>recompile <shiver> I have done this a few times on Red Hat Linux, this 
>will be a first for BSD ;) But I am sure the docs are great on this. 
>Now, since I am going to have to recompile anyway, would now be a good 
>time to upgrade to OpenBSD2.3? I have the 30 something meg tarball now. I 
>figured it might make since to stay current. <shrug>
>Anyway, the only thing left in my mind now is why didn't the win 95 box at 
>least see the machine it dialed into? I wonder if the PPPD PAP-
>Authentication process isn't given my Dial Up Adaptor all the information 
>it needs or something. If anyone has a better grasp of what the 95 client 
>should have for set up, I am open to suggestion. Should my gateway on the 
>95 box be the IP of my BSD server?