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Re: Number of packages available in OpenBSD ports

On Sat, 3 May 2003, Tomasz Luchowski wrote:

> How many packages are there available in OpenBSD ports? I was able to
> find an exact number for FreeBSD ports/NetBSD pkgsrc easily, but I
> cannot seem to find such a number for OpenBSD.

not all ports that are in the system are available as packages on the
OpenBSD website. in the file /usr/ports/INDEX, field 12 corresponds to bit
"PERMIT_PACKAGE_CDROM", and 13 to "PERMIT_PACKAGE_FTP". these control if
the package can be distributed by the OpenBSD project or if the user will
have to build the package themselves. this is due to the licensing on the
software in the port, a small number are non-commercial redistribution or
no unauthorized distribution (netscape is a good example).

the following awk one liners show how to count this:

# count all FTP packages
awk -F\| '{if ($(13) == "y") pkg+=1} END {print pkg}' INDEX

# count all CDROM packages available
awk -F\| '{if ($(12) == "y") pkg+=1} END {print pkg}' INDEX

# count all ports in ports tree
wc -l INDEX

hope this helps. its over 2000. note that while the number may appear to
be significantly smaller than FreeBSD or NetBSD's numbers, its due to a
few things:

	- we have fewer porters active
	- we have a really high standard for committing a port, so not
	  all candidates make it
	- we have a lot of what Free and Net have in our base systems
	  including CVS, Perl, and Apache.

each of these makes a dent in the number of ports and packages available.

hope this helps.

jose nazario, ph.d.			jose@monkey.org