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Seeking Webhosting Company Partners

Seeking Webhosting Partners


My name is Al Costanzo from Dynamic Software.  We are looking for 
companies that host websites to partner with.  Dynamic Software sells / 
resells a product line that would be interest to anyone who wants to 
increase traffic to their website.

We offer a 40% commission to companies that promote our software product 
line to their hosting clients.  We provide a custom version of the 
software to insure your customers remain YOUR customers. 

If you would like to provide web site promotion, as a service, instead 
of selling your client the tools that they need to do this on their own, 
you may want to consider looking at the Enterprise / Professional Edition 
of our product(s) for your own use, so that you may sell this as a 
service to your clients.

You can configure our software to automatically send status report via 
email to your clients as well. An automated timer is also provided so all 
of these reports and search engine submissions and promotion activities 
may be automated. 

Many ISPs offer this type of service to their clients for between $30 - 
$70 a month, as an extra to their web hosting clients.  They add this as 
an extra to their hosting plans.

Either way, we would like to help you increase your companies income 
because by doing that, we increase our own income.

I look forward to your positive response about becoming our partner and 
promoting our product line or service to your clients.

You may see the entire product line at: http://www.dynamicsoftware.com . 
 You may see more about the reselling plans at: 

Thank you for taking the time to consider our offer and once again I 
hope to hear from you soon. If this email should have been directed to 
someone else in your organization for consideration, I would appreciate 
it if you would forward it to them.

Best Regards,

Al Costanzo for Dynamic Software 


Notice: This email was sent to you ports@openbsd.org from:
partners@dynamicsoftware.com by Al Costanzo.  We found your email address 
by searching
though search engines for ISP hosting companies and then going to that 
website and finding your
email address.  If I sent you this email in error or you are not 
interested in becoming our partner
please reply to this email with the single word: REMOVE in the subject.