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Networking Consultant Partnership Opportunity


As a computer or networking consultant, we are sending you this e-mail 
to introduce  our company, AKC / Dynamic Software , and to find out more 
about your business.  As a regional Internet Service Provider, we believe 
in working closely with the consultants that provide support to the 
business customers in our service area as well those worldwide.  We are 
constantly looking for consultants who can utilize our products for their 
customers AND consultants we can 
recommend to our customers for their computer and networking needs.

We would very much like to speak with you to find out more about your 
business and see if there is a synergy between our companies.  To speak 
with our partnership manager about mutual business opportunities, please 
call toll-free 1-800-298-9000, or send an email to 
partners@dynamicsoftware.com.  If you have information on your company 
or services you would like to share with us please feel free to send it as 

We partner with other companies in a number of ways, including offering 
finders fees and commissions for those who promote and re-sell our T1, 
DSL, Webhosting or Website Promotion services.  We also forward leads to 
consultants when our clients are in need of consultants.

We offer a 40% commission to those that resell our award winning Dynamic 
Software product line as well. You may read more about Dynamic Software 
at: http://www.dynamicsoftware.com

If you are interested in becomming our partner, you may want to look at 
our Internet Network Service Offerings at: http://www.akc.com our 
webhosting services at: http://www.akc.com/webhost  and our award winning 
Website Promotion software at: http://www.dynamicsoftware.com

We pay commissions ranging from 10 - 40% and can private label our 
services and software so that your clients remain YOUR clients.

We look forward to exploring a mutually beneficial relationship with your 
company and hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you!

AKC Dynamic Software

Notice: This email was sent to you Ports@openbsd.org from:
partners@dynamicsoftware.com by Al Costanzo.  We found your email address 
by searching
though search engines under the keyword: "networking NJ"  and then going 
to that website and finding your
email address.  If I sent you this email in error or you are not 
interested in becoming our partner
please reply to this email with the single word: REMOVE in the subject.