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OpenBSD 3.3/sparc64 - PHP-4.2.3 iconv patch

i tried installing php from ports today and got stuck while compiling
the iconv extension.  it would appear as though the prototype and
function declaration for php_iconv_string() in
php-4.2.3/ext/iconv/iconv.c are out of sync. i searched a bit to see if
anyone else had stumbled upon this fix, but found nothing but problem
reports for sparc64 and alpha so i thought i'd offer this up.  maybe
it's irrelevant, but i thought it might be useful to someone else out

--- iconv.c.orig	Thu Mar 21 14:25:25 2002
+++ iconv.c	Sun May  4 22:21:34 2003
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
-static int php_iconv_string(const char * in_str, unsigned int in_len, char ** out_str, unsigned int * out_len, const char * in_encoding, const char * out_encoding, int *err TSRMLS_DC);
+static int php_iconv_string(const char * in_p, size_t in_len, char ** out, size_t * out_len, const char * in_charset, const char * out_charset, int *err TSRMLS_DC);
 /* {{{ PHP_INI