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Re: rignt $PREFIX (splitted from "files above $PREFIX")

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 11:15:03PM +0800, Ilya A. Kovalenko wrote:
> >>   $PREFIX is /usr/local/news
> >> (it's about inn-2.3.5 port)
> CW> No, this is wrong.
>   What is wrong ? $PREFIX ? Ready to hear reasons (or OpenBSD
> development/porting rules). That's default value, and I found it
> comfortable for debugs (easy to clean-up insuccesfull installs).

The package will do its own cleanup; if you want the port in the
OpenBSD tree, it should obey hier(7) and install files appropriately.

> CW>   You want to use the default PREFIX for INN,
> CW> with various configuration and variable data split out to SYSCONFDIR
> CW> and /var.
>    I do not understand, what you want to say this way. Don't
> start with "You want ..." please.

I think he answered your question ...