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Re: rignt $PREFIX (splitted from "files above $PREFIX")

>>   Finally, it means nothing, but, I guess, nobody can TELL me
>> what I want, ask - yes, tell - no. Another thing - what I
>> SHOULD do. That is the root of misunrderstandings, in current

WY> I may be misreading your comment but naddy@ and avsm@, who have both
WY> answered you, are OpenBSD developers.  If you do not conform to what
WY> they consider to be a "proper" port, then it will not get imported
WY> into the OpenBSD tree.  (I assume you want it to be imported into the
WY> CVS tree since you posted it to ports@).

  I do accept the rules.
I just tried to make clear sentence, that seems to be ambiguous.

Ilya A. Kovalenko                  (mailto:shadow@oganer.net)