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Re: rignt $PREFIX (splitted from "files above $PREFIX")


ZP> The root of misunderstunding is your superficial knowledge of the
ZP> English language, which is obvious from your spelling (can you mailer
ZP> run spell-checker?) and grammatical mistakes.

Well, I try to learn.

ZP>   That in itself wouldn't
ZP> be a problem, but when you begin being stubborn about something you
ZP> misunderstood than it is.

I just want to be sure, that I'm understanding one right way.

ZP>   I guess everybody on this list was
ZP> surprisingly polite to tell you that ...

... to my regrets ...

ZP> CW, used a common phrase "You want to do ...", which doesn't literally
ZP> imply that he knows what you want to do; it implies that is the best way
ZP> he knows of doing it.

I confused ... beg everybody's pardon.

ZP> Before replying the way you did, make sure that you thoroughly understand
ZP> the language you communicate in.  Otherwise, _you_ could be
ZP> misunderstood for an overly arrogant person, and as a result recieve
ZP> much less positive input from this list.

It will be sad.

Ilya A. Kovalenko         (mailto:shadow@oganer.net)