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Re: GNUstep on OpenBSD?

There were also some elf'isms that should now be easier on i386 (the
only arch I had access to back when I was trying to make this work).

I'll be giving this another shot in about two months (after I get some
more work done on native java)


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> Subject: Re: GNUstep on OpenBSD?
> > I was hoping to do some GNUStep development under OpenBSD.  What is
> > status of a port of GNUStep?
> I tried to build GNUstep from source quite some time ago (under 3.0),
> but I did not get it to run correctly. All sorts of GNUisms in the
> build system and in the code :(.
> However, I would be willing to help and/or test it if someone (perhaps
> with more porting experience) created a port.
> --Benny.