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Re: update: mail/nail (10.4 -> 10.5)

naddy@mips.inka.de (Christian Weisgerber) wrote:
> J.A. Neitzel <jneitzel@bluemarble.net> wrote:
> > 	* make update-patches
> > 	  - added comment to patches/patch-configure_in
> I don't like comments in patches, because they confuse update-patches.
> Apart from some cruft, we don't use them in the tree.

Ah, I see.  Silly me ;)
I wonder if checklist.html should be changed because it does
mention this.  Anyway, thanks for setting me straight on this.

12. Begin and cycle of make build, generate a patch ...

+ Add a small explanation of the patch role in the patchfile before
  the patch itself, and an OpenBSD CVS tag $OpenBSD$.