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mysql for OBSD3.3 on sparc64


I've just recieved my 3.3 CD's and installed onto my Ultra 10, but MySQL
isn't listed in the packages for Sparc64. I've searched in Sparc and Ports
mail archives, but can't find a solid answer as to weather MySQL can be run
on this platform under OBSD

I checked on the ftp site, and there are MySQL packages listed there for
Sparc64, I have downloaded them, but are they ok ??

I guess they weren't ready for 3.3 release or were left off the CD for space
reasons ?

can anyone shed any light ? will attempting to install these packages break
my newly installed system ? (being complete wuss, but don't want to install
from scratch again, have just setup all my samba, php and ldap stuff :o(